My product photography studio is designed to help you sell your product. 
The picture of your product is the first thing your potential client sees. This image is what brings your client's attention to you and your brand. I am here to make your product look its best, to help you to sell it. Every product is different, and because of that, no two product images are identical. Each image has its personality, which brings more attention to your product. 

First, you will need to describe the final look of the product image you want. 
You send us your product with any accessories you want to be in the image. 
When we receive it, we will send you a recording of opening the package. We check the product for damage, and if we find no damage, we will start working with it. 
After we finish shooting your product, we will send you the gallery. We will retouch your pics and will send them back to you for approval. You have one round of revisions to request any adjustments. The final images will be delivered electronically. 
Your product will be shipped back to you using the label you provide us. 

If you have any questions, please let me know by filling out the form below or click on the button to be redirected to Victoria's Product Photography Website 

Thank you!
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